Tim Nessan, Realtor – Farm, Ranch & Commercial

  • RRE-BRO-LIC-32194
  • Real estate license since 1987
  • Large scale dryland and irrigated agricultural production such as: owning, leasing and custom work from central MT, south central MT, and eastern MT, including reservation land
  • Multimillion dollar scales of farm/ranch and commercial property, personally own and operate farm/ranch and commercial property
  • Dryland and irrigated crops (winter wheat, spring wheat,winter wheat seed, spring wheat seed, feed barley, malt barley, hay, haylage and alfalfa seed)
  • Native grass pasture land and improved pastures


  • Cow/calf, yearling cattle and feedlots
  • Commercial property sale: sugar factory, asphalt plant, grain storage, coal storage, retail office warehouse, multifamily, subdivisions and home construction. Proposed ethanol and power plant.
  • Wind energy monitoring and development support
  • Established network of people I’ve worked with for the past 35 plus years for the many problems that may arise with: technical assistance, agronomy, financial, legal, livestock, equipment, leasing and 1031 exchanges
  • CRP lands- tree planting, food plots for wildlife

Hi there,

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My name is Tim and I grew up farming and ranching this beautiful land called Montana.  My siblings and I farmed in Central Montana……..

In the mid-80’s, my siblings and I teamed up to lease a farm in eastern Montana. This led to leasing and purchasing Camp 1 and Camp 4 from Campbell Farming Corporation. I managed 38,500 acres at Camp 4 for 25 years and did custom work for neighboring operations. My wife and I also started our family while working this land

By the late 80’s, I joined my Dad in real estate and ventured into commercial properties and the construction of residential homes.

We eventually sold Camp 4 and some commercial properties. My wife and I settled our 4 kids into a smaller 4,500 acre farm in Big Horn County – that I still manage today (along with some commercial property).

My story isn’t very different from many Montanans. I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for the agriculture and cattle industry. I love watching a young family venture into farming or ranching or expanding their current property. I also am happy to show those wanting to come to Montana how investment property, or farm or ranch land can help them learn about this industry that I’ve invested a lifetime in.

And if it’s time to retire, sell the farm and move to Florida, I can help get you the most money from your hard earned investment.

I’d love to meet and talk with you more. Please give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help meet your farm and ranch needs.


  Tim Nessan


Annie Nessan, Realtor – Farm/Ranch, Commercial, and Residential

Annie Nessan Realtor
Annie Nessan Realtor
  • Real estate license since 2021
  • RRE-RBS-LIC-71974
Annie Nessan Farm Ranch Realty